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Marble Surface


We are experienced investors and operators who partner with high-quality management teams to build businesses for the long-term.  Different from traditional 5-year private equity investment cycles, Aeonic employs a buy-and-hold strategy, which allows us to take an extremely long-term view to growing and managing businesses.  Our primary focus is control investments, but will selectively pursue structured minority investments





Our focus is on building businesses over decades.  As a result, we can be patient when necessary and aggressive when possible.  Timing of an exit or realization event will never interfere with our support of one of our company’s the short, medium, and long-term goals


capital structure

We believe in the benefits of leverage, but seek to employ conservative capital structures designed to support the company's strategy and to provide ample fault tolerance in the event of challenging market conditions



And Alignment

We place a premium on relationships with our partners.  We look to partner with high-integrity sellers, partners and management teams.  We structure incentive programs to align management and shareholder goals, which are customized on a case-by-case basis.  We are committed to the principle that success should benefit all stakeholders.


our business principles


Trust and Transparency

Alignment and accountability

Attract and retain the best people for each and every position

Earn the trust and respect of each of our business partners, and be completely transparent, especially when it's difficult

Align around common goals and hold each other accountable for working towards those objectives while adhering to our core values; celebrate successes and learn from mistakes

Core Values

If you do right by others, even when its challenging or inconvenient, they will do right by you.  This principle applies to everyone we work with - employees, co-owners, customers, suppliers and partners

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